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At Blade And Sons Hurricane Protection, we understand the importance of feeling safe in your home, while protecting your assets. Below we have listed a few common questions and answers.


Will fabric shutters be as effective as aluminum or steel hurricane shutters?

Yes. Our hurricane fabric is ready to take on the most extreme weather conditions. They have been tested to perform in wind zones in excess of 180mph in accordance with the latest Florida Building Code and International Building Code wind standards (ASCE7-10). They are also tested at the 9-lb large 2”x 4”missile impact from windborne debris in accordance with the ASTM E1886/E1996 protocols, which are the most rigid in the world.

What are some advantages to using fabric shutters instead of aluminum, steel or plywood shutters?

Aluminum, steel and plywood shutters are a lot heavier than fabric shutters. This makes it a lot easier to install or store fabric shutters on short notice. For instance your shutters are still up, your family is supposed to come over for dinner, or some other occasion, you walk outside and have 5-12 windows covered with aluminum, plywood or steel shutters and 5 hours before the family arrives. Imagine how much easier it would be if those shutters were fabric. So much less work carrying them to your desired area for storage, without having to deal with your hands getting sliced every few trips from the sharp edges. Steel and aluminum shutters tend to make a lot of noise during hurricanes and heavy storm surges. Which can be really annoying and cause a lot of unwanted worrying when you’re trying to feel safe in your home. Steel, aluminum and plywood hurricane shutters tend to leave a blacked out feel to the inside your home, our fabric shutters allow filtered light in to prevent that.

Are fabric shutters easy to store when not using?

Yes. Our fabric shutters will take up a lot less space than aluminum, steel or plywood shutters and you can easily roll them up into a bag and store them on a shelf in your garage.

Can window fabric be placed over doors that I still need access to?

Yes. Our fabric shutters can be installed on a higher peak to the door at an angle leaving your door accessible. This is helpful if you have animals that need to be let out. This is also especially useful for first responders that may have to report to work before or after a storm.

Do you offer any sort of warranty or deals?

We offer free installations after one year of purchase

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