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Noelle has always been very active with volunteering and passionate about helping her neighbors and surrounding communities. At the age of 43, Noelle realized she had the ability to help everyone in her community by starting her first company, Blade & Sons Hurricane Protection Co. She knew providing quality Hurricane Shutters would help protect her neighbor’s, as well as the surrounding community’s homes, assets, and peace of mind.

Noelle Blade
Seth Blade
Expert Consultant

Seth was a certified contractor for the “My Safe Florida Home” program, which was established after the 2004-2006 hurricane seasons. This program served to give Florida homeowners incentives to perform certain improvements to their homes in an effort to reduce insurance claims from hurricane damage. He has also been in the window and door industry for over 25 years and is an expert in avoiding water mitigation and remediation. Seth can be seen on season three of The Vanilla Ice Project as an expert installer.

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